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Great, you purchased your right to mine a designated zone. There are a few more things to do before you extract resources. You’ll need a few robots that have the necessary tools to perform the operations. Build the robots first and you are ready to go. The mine is mapped and split into a grid of blocks. Select the robots and deploy them to a specified location. Here is your job now. Make sure to select the right combination of robots to extract the most resources. It is not an easy job, but the robots have different specializations, which makes them good at one part. The scanners are needed first to locate the ideal resource locations, then the drills are doing the hard work of breaking the first layer to get to the resource.


Robots are designed to be very effective, but not too durable. This was necessary to have a lower building time and cheap cost. Don’t worry if they get destroyed, it's their job and recycling will eventually help to speed up the process. After they mined and extracted the resources, they send the resources back to the base and get destroyed. The mine enters then in a regenerative state and is returned to the Mothership. You do not own the rights anymore. What happens after we extracted the resources? You can repeat the process to gather new resources. The strong point of the planet is the very fast resource regeneration. They will recover and you can purchase the right to exploit the mine after a short time, usually a few days.


Last updated: 14 DEC 2021