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Looking at all the ships traveling to their destinations, you’ll see how well the fleets are organized. The main ship, located in the middle, is the Mothership. It is the commander of the fleets and supervises all the operations. On the outside, organized in concentric circles, are the Starships, which are protecting the commander from space debris.

Each fleet has a designated landing zone and contains multiple Starships. They are two-stage ships designed for intergalactic travel. The construction was possible with the rise of the rocket companies and the investments from people that believed in a better future. With modular interiors, there are multiple hubs for each manufacturing process needed. Mothership is made tougher to ensure a safe arrival on the planet. Contains more corridors and a few hubs to allow the meeting of the fleets on the planet. With special communication modules, it will send report messages to Earth, which will be analyzed to determine the status of the planet.

The unexpected

On the way to their target, our fleets were hit by a solar storm that damaged the electronic components. Luckily, they reached the Khyran orbit and were attracted by the gravitational field. They will safely crash on it in a few weeks. Before this unfortunate event, we selected the trajectories for each ship to land in a given place. With a little hope, they will arrive without critical damage from the tough landing.

The confirmation

High speeds, a lot of heat, and barely surviving. The fleets are goings through the maximum pressure allowed. Counting seconds until the touchdown. A clever solution for landing uses backup engines. Multiple landing burns will be used for slowing the entry speed. Crash. A lot of crashes and sounds you’ll only hear if you are present on a battlefield. This is not a war. More like a controlled crash. All the onboard computers are resetting to recover from the crash. The Mothership arrived almost undamaged on the inside, but the exterior has seen better days. One at a time, it receives confirmation messages from all its fleets with their status. Almost all the ships are stable but have damage to their modules. The core hubs on the ships are active, but the other ones need repairs.

Khyron planet


The situation is rough. We need your help! Take over as the commander of one Starship and rebuild it. We need to start the exploration program on Khyron. The safety measures worked and the core modules are stable enough to be used. To do this, extract minerals from its rich mountains and create energy and power the hubs. Rebuild all the damaged equipment. You do not need to do this alone. As we said, we sent more fleets to ensure a good collaboration. Find the mothership and work together with the other fleets.

Last updated: 14 DEC 2021