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Technical details

Distance400 Light Years away from Earth
Gravity1.1 g
Radius8000 km
Orbital period420 days
CoordinatesBetelgeuse solar system, Orion constellation
Temperaturerange (-50, +50) degrees, average 24 degrees)
EnvironmentHazardous, unstable tectonic plates
Human life supportyes
DescriptionWater, Oxygen, Rich in minerals


Khyron is rich in materials that can be used for production. To build the base for the humans, we selected three main materials that will be used in all the operations.

EnergyNeeded for powering the spaceship with all the hubs and can be traded in the mothership.Energy
SiliconEasy to find metal, silicon is a common metal that is used in all kinds of applications, especially electronic components, and operations that don't need to resist in tough environments.Silicon
LithiumIt is used primarily to build lithium battery cells and powers almost all the technology in the Spaceship. The lithium cells transfer energy and regulate the voltage on all equipment. It is scattered on the planet and harder to find than Silicon.Lithium
TitaniumAs one of the toughest metals known to humans, its extraction from the rich mountains of Khyron is a real challenge. Special tools embedded into robots are used to extract it. Plasma cutters and lasers are used to manufacture it and its main use case is in the robot body and spaceship hubs. It is the rarest metal on the planet.Titanium

Last updated: 14 DEC 2021